Pison Joins Forces with the “Mental Performance Daily with Brian Cain” Podcast

The collaboration will focus on perfecting daily usage models, mitigations and interventions that maximize cognitive performance and create a process to achieve desired outcomes

BOSTON, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pison, the trailblazer in AI-powered neural sensors for cognitive health, wellness, and gesture control, is starting a sponsorship of the “Mental Performance Daily with Brian Cain podcast. The show delves into the world of mental performance training, helping listeners unlock mental potential and achieve their goals. In this podcast, listeners get to hear short, daily messages from Brian Cain, MPM, one of the leading mental performance coaches in the world.

Pison, which earlier this year announced the availability of Pison READY, a new class of sports performance wearable that helps athletes improve mental readiness, focus, and agility, will sponsor the show throughout 2024.

As part of the sponsorship, Brian Cain and Pison will collaborate on programming plans and will develop topics to help people understand the science of cognitive performance and apply best practices to improve results. There will be periodic podcasts that focus on Pison guests and technology to complement mental performance training.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Pison on board as a sponsor of Mental Performance Daily. We know elite performance requires a holistic approach, where the mind and body work together. This is where Pison comes in with cutting-edge wearable technology that tracks and improves cognitive function,” said Brian Cain. “Just like Mental Performance Daily focuses on the mental side of the equation, Pison empowers you to optimize your cognitive performance. This partnership is a perfect fit because both Pison and I share a common mission: to help everyone achieve their best performance by optimizing the mind-body connection.”

On the April 1 episode announcing the sponsorship, Cain shared, “If you use a wearable to track sleep or recovery or any other health metric, there’s a new player in town. Pison will help you to unlock your mind and unleash your potential.”

“Pison is excited to sponsor the Mental Performance Daily Podcast with Brian Cain. We’re avid listeners, and see Brian as a powerful voice in expanding the knowledge and practice of tracking and improving cognitive performance,” said John Croteau, CEO of Pison Technology. “Personally, I find Brian’s mental performance insights and guidance as valuable in the business world as professional athletes find him impacting their game to achieve peak mental performance.”

About Brian Cain
Brian Cain, MPM is the creator of The Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaching Certification Course and The 30 Days to Mental Performance Mastery for Athletes Program, a #1 International Best-Selling Author and highly sought after Speaker and Mental Performance Coach.

Brian is widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on Mental Performance Coaching.  His client list includes coaches, athletes, and teams at the Olympic level, in Major League Baseball, the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC and on The PGA and LPGA Tour.  His resume boasts a list of hall of fame athletes including 4 Major League Baseball Cy-Young Award winners, a Heisman Trophy Winner, 8 UFC World Champions, World Series and Super Bowl Champions and over 1,000 professional sports draft selections.

Brian has taught his 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery System on stages all over the world to audiences such as Paul Mitchell, Whirlpool, Burton Snowboards and The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.

Highly sought after for his educational, empowering and energizing approach, Brian provides a system that will help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be by implementing the same mental performance strategies as the world class athletes he coaches

An avid Ironman Triathlete, Ultra Marathoner and Golfer, Brian practices what he teaches.

You can connect with Brian on Twitter and Instagram @BrianCainPeak and at https://briancain.com.

About Pison Technology
Pison is advancing the frontier of human potential with the world’s first AI-infused, neural biosensing platform. Patented, non-invasive electroneurography (ENG) algorithms create life-changing applications in cognitive performance, disease diagnostics and management, and ongoing care. Pison began in 2016 with funding from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Science Foundation and the ALS Association to help patients with neurodegenerative disorders better navigate the world made smaller by their diseases. By harnessing the power of the mind in real-time, users gain access to better health and higher achievement in every domain while reaching peak mental and physical performance on the playing field, in the office, and behind the wheel of a car.
Learn more at pison.com.

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