“Protect the Girls” — Unstoppable Protective Gear Launches First-of-its-Kind Unstoppable Protective Cups™

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Unstoppable Protective Gear (UPG) is launching Unstoppable Protective Cups™, a first-of-its-kind set of innovative athletic breast cups designed to guard against injury while playing contact sports.

Available now via the UPG website, Unstoppable Protective Cups™ are crafted to protect the countless number of female athletes who experience breast injuries throughout their youth, collegiate, or professional careers. These removable cups are breathable, compatible with any sports bra, and are fast becoming the essential component of any well-equipped sport bag.

The Unstoppable Protective Cups™ are engineered with performance and ease of use in mind. Designed to lie flush to the body, the cups provide a weightless wear that protects soft tissue and frees athletes to play their hardest. The strong outer shell takes the initial hit, while a cushioned inner layer affords comfort and support. Strategically placed cutouts line the surface and flex to absorb impact, a structural design inspired by the protection offered by NFL helmets.

UPG was founded by Taylor Ryan to address the lack of appropriate protective products available to serve women and girls participating in sports. Fresh from the success of a recent presale event at the Hirshberg Foundation’s Tour de Pier in Manhattan Beach, Calif., Unstoppable Protective Gear is now available to all athletes via the UPG website.

"After two years of working on developing and manufacturing I am excited to provide an option to help girls feel unstoppable in their sports!" said Ryan on the launch.

Unstoppable Protective Cups™ are available in three sizes:  Small (A-B cup)/ Med (B-C cup)/ Large (C-D cup) at Unstoppableprotectivegear.com for $44 per pair, including shipping.

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About Unstoppable Protective Gear LLC

Unstoppable Protective Gear is rooted in the drive to encourage girls to play and compete in sports. The Unstoppable team is committed to making a difference at the local youth level, helping to grow and protect the fierce female athletes of tomorrow. We are passionate about the difference sports can make in the lives of players and are dedicated to = ensuring equitable access to protective athletic equipment.

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