Race Car Champions on the Hunt for Unicorns: Triple Crown Champion Juan Pablo Montoya and Rising Star Sebastián Montoya Join the Unicorn Hunters Show as Global Brand Ambassadors

One of the best race car drivers of all time and a rising star, poised to continue his father’s legacy, join the Unicorn Hunters to democratize wealth-creation opportunities

MONACO, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unicorn Hunters, the groundbreaking series that connects entrepreneurs seeking funding with millions of potential investors around the world, announced at the 19th Anniversary Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit that Juan Pablo Montoya, Triple Crown Champion and one of the Top 50 Formula One drivers of all time, and his son Sebastián Montoya will be new global brand ambassadors. They will join the company’s global ambassador team alongside NFL Hall of Famers Cris Carter and Rod Woodson, and other soon-to-be-announced athletes.

"It is an enormous pleasure to welcome Colombian legend Juan Pablo Montoya and his son Sebastian, who is poised to continue his father’s legacy, to our ambassador team in Monaco at the 19th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit, a place where champions, business leaders, and policymakers come together to invest in making the world a better place," said Silvina Moschini, Founder, Chairwoman and President of Unicorn Hunters. "This is only the beginning of a long-term partnership that will expand the reach of Unicorn Hunters, and Unicoin its official cryptocurrency, to the fans of racing from Monte Carlo to the rest of the world."

Unicorn Hunters produced by reality TV icon Craig Plestis (The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice) pioneered a new genre — enrichtainment — that combines entertainment with the wealth-growth potential for individual investors. The cast, known as the "Circle of Money," includes NFL legend Cris Carter, celebrity entrepreneurs Lance Bass and Chris Diamantopoulos, policymakers Rosie Rios, former Treasurer of the United States, and Moe Vela, former White House Advisor, & special guest Jason Scott, Google’s Head of Startup Development Ecosystem, among others.

"This is a very exciting partnership with Unicorn Hunters and Unicoin and the opportunities to grow together are huge. Unicoin brings the stability and trust that other cryptocurrencies lack. The future is very bright," said Juan Pablo Montoya.

"I am very thankful that I get to work with everyone at Unicorn Hunters and Unicoin as well as with my dad in this great endeavor. I am looking forward to learning a great deal from this experience, and I am excited to be a great ambassador for the brand," added Sebastián Montoya.

Most recently, the creators of Unicorn Hunters launched its official cryptocurrency Unicoin, a next-generation coin that solves for high volatility, the major problem of traditional tokens, and offers its holders protection from inflation. It is a next-generation coin that will provide holders with a diversified portfolio of equity positions in the numerous emerging growth companies that are part of the Unicorn Hunters platform. This differentiation is especially relevant in today’s cryptocurrency market, which has experienced an unprecedented downturn.

Unicorn Hunters was described by Forbes magazine as "the most iconic business series of recent times," and it has received significant recognition from several renowned personalities, including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and Rosie Rios, former Treasurer of the United States, who joined Unicoin’s Board of Directors early this year. The first 12 episodes of Unicorn Hunters are streaming now on UnicornHunters.com, LinkedIn Broadcast, Binge Networks, Facebook Video, YouTube, and  Vimeo. The final episodes of season one were filmed at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California in early June and will premiere this summer.

Unicoins are now available for purchase at Unicoin.com at 10 cents per coin, its lowest public pricing. U.S. and Canadian residents must be "accredited investors," in order to purchase Unicoins. Unicoin is expected to be tokenized and listed on major crypto exchanges in early 2023 after developing high brand value, global awareness of its benefits, and a strong equity portfolio.

About Unicorn Hunters and Unicoin

Unicorn Hunters (a DBA name of TransparentBusiness, Inc.) is a pioneering business show that democratizes access to funding, giving founders the possibility to raise expansion capital from millions of viewers around the world, and gives people the opportunity to invest in pre-IPO opportunities alongside business luminaries, like Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. Unicoin is a next-generation coin from the producers of Unicorn Hunters that solves for volatility, the greatest challenge of traditional crypto, by offering inherent value instead of perceived value through equity positions in the high-growth companies that are part of the Unicorn Hunters platform.

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