RAIsonance Launches the Air Quality Human Impact Program

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RAIsonance today announced the release of its Air Quality Human Impact Program (AQHIP) for the US market. The completely new, specialized biometric monitoring system tracks and reports on the impact of poor air quality on the human respiratory system. Using proprietary AI technology and a mobile app interface, the platform analyzes intentional coughs from users all over the United States to detect negative impacts to the human respiratory system.

The science of air quality measurement is mature, sophisticated, and accurate. Air quality sensors can detect pollutants and toxins with very good precision. Access to the air quality data for those sensors is readily available from reputable organizations such as BreezeoMeter, IQAir, PurpleAir, and the EPA’s AirNow.gov.

“Until now there has been no comprehensive, science-based way to quantify the real-time impact of poor air quality on our bodies, or to observe for how long those impacts last”, said Kitty Kolding, CEO of RAIsonance. “Our biometric FCV Sentinel technology is designed to measure these impacts with precision. Our 24/7 reporting platform will make these critical impact reports as ubiquitous as air quality alerts, giving all of us accessible insight into potential health risks affecting ourselves and our loved ones.”   

According to the EPA, the most common pollutants are found all over the United States and include particulate matter (often referred to as particle pollution), ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and lead. These pollutants can harm human health, harm the environment, and cause property damage.

According to the Canadian Wildfire Information System, 33.8 million acres have burned in Canada so far this year, which is almost twice Canada’s previous annual record set in 1989. These fires have created exceptionally bad air quality conditions at various times across the US. Poor air quality leaves those with existing respiratory problems open to real harm and can create new health problems for otherwise healthy individuals of all ages.  

“We want to give people easy-to-use, valuable tools to help understand health risks specific to them. When people understand how poor air quality is affecting them personally, they are far better prepared to take action that protects themselves, their families, and their communities,” said Kris Hopkins, Chief Product Officer at RAIsonance.  

To measure these impacts, RAIsonance is recruiting users to join the AQHIP. Users will be given free, unlimited access to RAIsonance’s FCV Sentinel mobile app and cloud-based analysis platform to track their personal health impacts. Participants are asked to cough into the FCV Sentinel mobile app at least once a day. Their data will be analyzed and correlated with air quality measurements, feeding live dashboards and the AQHIP alert system. 

“Our AQHIP empowers people everywhere to better understand threats to their health, so they can proactively take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. While our first launch is in the US, we’re expanding this program globally over the next 6 months”, said Kolding. “We hope people everywhere will join this movement to monitor and protect human respiratory health.”

To join the program, sign up at https://AQHIP.com/JOIN

About RAIsonance, Inc. 
RAIsonance is a family of companies headquartered in the Denver Tech Center, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-based healthcare solutions. RAIsonance companies operate wellness products MyAdvocate and Biometric SoundPass for consumers, the workforce wellness solution FCV Sentinel for the enterprise, and is developing diagnostic solutions for COVID-19, Influenza, Tuberculosis, and RSV. To learn more about RAIsonance Inc., please visit RAIsonance.ai

About FCV Sentinel
FCV Sentinel tracks FCV scores to provide an early warning if problematic changes are identified. FCV Sentinel is a threat-agnostic early warning system, based on RAIsonance’s proprietary technology: Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) analysis. This tool is designed to detect subtle changes that may be the result of exposure to a pathogen, chemical agent, or environmental toxin experienced by the user. These changes are reported as an FCV Impact Score, with higher numbers indicating little or no change. Lower numbers indicate notable differences that may warrant further attention. For businesses, groups and organizations, aggregate data is presented on interactive dashboards in near real time, and can be customized to track readiness by group, location, region, etc.

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