FORT WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recon Power Bikes announces a global licensing agreement with General Motors Corporation to produce the new GMC HUMMER EV ALL-WHEEL DRIVE EBIKE, which will complement GMC’s revolutionary new Hummer EV Supertruck and allow riders to truly reach the “last mile.”

This on-demand, all-wheel drive, GMC HUMMER EV EBike is powered by twin 750-watt hub motors with a peak output of 2,400 watts. It has three riding modes: Cruise – rear wheel drive, Traction – front wheel drive and, Adrenaline for maximum all-wheel drive performance. The Ebike is powered by an LG battery which comes standard at 48 volts and 17Ah, with an option to upgrade to 21Ah. This one-of-a-kind, GMC HUMMER EV “Super Ebike” is designed and built for total off-road dominance at an affordable introductory price of $3,999.

The all-electric, all-wheel drive duo will be available at GMC dealers worldwide and direct to consumer at 

“GMC is excited to collaborate with Recon as they develop the GMC HUMMER EV AWD Ebike,” said Rich Latek, marketing director for GMC. “With design cues and inspiration taken directly from the GMC HUMMER EV Supertruck, this Ebike further expands customer’s ability to explore different off-road trails – whether in the vehicle or out on the bike.”

“The Recon Team is thrilled to be the officially licensed partner producing the GMC HUMMER EV AWD Ebike” said, Jeff Fuze, president of Recon. “We are honored to partner with GMC on this unique world-class AWD Ebike that parallels HUMMER EV’s unrivaled reputation as the leader in EV off-road adventure.”

Recon Power Bikes is the market leader in Ebikes for law enforcement agencies and the military. Recon’s bikes are utilized by municipal agencies in 47 states, federal agencies, and three branches of the U.S Military.

The Ebike market is estimated to grow from “$49.7 billion in 2022 to $80.6 billion by 2027,” according to market research platform MarketsandMarkets. This agreement allows Recon Power Bikes to further reach a global market through the GMC dealer network compounding Recon’s footprint in the consumer market.

Jeff Fuze
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SOURCE Recon Power Bikes