Reelistic Replicas Makes New Waves – Going Beyond Traditional Taxidermy to Lifelike Fish Art in Stunning Laser-Cut Metal

Artist Brian Luoma overcomes F.S.H. Muscular Dystrophy challenges to create lifelike fish-art for anglers, collectors, fishing contests, derbies and shops – using sophisticated 2D-to-3D metal illusions

DULUTH, Minn., Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bringing an all-new dimension to fish art, Reelistic Replicas is proud to introduce a wider audience to their already popular and innovative fish creations. Inventing a whole new art form for aquatic trophies and memories, Reelistic Replicas utilizes two-dimensional laser-cut metal in lifelike representations that merge the boundaries of reality and illusion. And whether wall-mounted or used as part of a larger tableau, Reelistic Replicas offers an affordable alternative to traditional 3D fish reproductions.

Created by founder Brian Luoma, a former avid angler who once explored the lakes of Northern Minnesota and Canada, these stunning replicas epitomize Luoma’s passion and resilience by transforming his passion for fishing into an unmatched artistic endeavor.

“The essence of angling isn’t just about the catch, it’s about being in the present moment and then preserving those memories,” said Luoma. “And what we’ve created here is the best of what laser art can accomplish. These pieces are really stunning. They’re completely flat, but with images so realistically rendered that they fool the observer’s eye. Even the driftwood mounts and other background elements are flat, but appear to stand out like living 3D representations.”

Taxidermy Reimagined for a Modern Era

Traditional taxidermy is a venerable art form dating back centuries, encompassing the intricate process of preserving animals’ bodies and presenting them in lifelike poses. The craft requires a combination of anatomical knowledge and stylistic flair to recreate animals in astonishing detail. But the realm of fish taxidermy is exceptionally demanding, given the fragile nature of fish skin and the difficulty of reproducing the iridescent and unique patterns of aquatic species.

Reelistic Replicas differs from the traditional modes of trophy creation by using flat metal instead of preserved flesh. And with each display, Luoma’s creations capture a moment in time to preserve the splendor and vibrancy of underwater dwellers for admirers on land. Luoma’s 2D-to-3D illusions evoke the mysterious beauty of the depths by blending science with expression – all in a captivating dance of wilderness preservation.

Key Features of Reelistic Replicas Include:

  • Different from traditional fiberglass and resin reproductions, Reelistic Replicas uses two-dimensional, laser-cut metal designs that showcase vibrant and lifelike colors.
  • With hyper-realistic visuals that provide the illusion of a 3D fish, fresh from the water.
  • Customization options available on request for businesses and individuals: perfect for resorts, fishing derbies/contests, and memorabilia.

“Overcoming my own physical challenges has ignited a newfound passion in me,” said Luoma. “And with each piece I create, I try to embody the resilience of the human spirit, reminding all of us that limitations can lead to unexpected avenues of creativity and inspiration. Fishing was my passion. And it still is – now immortalized forever in these creations.”

Reelistic Replicas maintains a thriving and dedicated Etsy shop, garnering multiple rave reviews from satisfied customers. And businesses can take advantage of wholesale options from the Faire marketplace.

About Reelistic Replicas

Founded by Brian Luoma, Reelistic Replicas is a pioneering venture offering hyper-realistic fish art made with two-dimensional laser-cut metal – a 2D piece that gives a perfect 3D illusion. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, Reelistic Replicas invites fishing enthusiasts to relive their angling adventures, one magnificent piece at a time. Discover the intersection of aquatic art, passion, and resilience at:

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