S2 Cognition Announces Partership with High & Inside as it Expands Presence in Women’s Softball, One of the Fastest Growing Segments in Sports

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — S2 Cognition, a sports-science company that delivers a patented technology responsible for evaluating how an athlete’s brain works when making split-second decisions, announced today it has formalized a partnership with High & Inside, a Data-Driven Player Development, Data Insight, and Scouting Consulting Company that works with elite softball players and programs. 

As experts in cognitive science, S2 Cognition is leading the future of sports with its cutting-edge 30 to 45-minute cognitive evaluation that measures and quantifies how athletes process what they see with their eyes, make decisions based on that visual input, and their ability to act on that information on the field of play with millisecond-level precision. The S2 Eval is currently being used at the highest levels of collegiate athletics by teams in every major conference, and in professional sports by Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLS.

Commenting on the newly formed Partnership, S2 CEO Vaden Landers said, "As we continue efforts to scale our business beyond the professional and collegiate programs we’ve traditionally served, women’s softball has been a major focus area for us given the growing popularity of the sport and the significant number of female athletes in this country who so passionately play the game. With the number of players in the US playing fastpitch softball now exceeding 2 million, the increasing TV coverage (ESPN airs more than 1,200 college softball games per year), and a growing demand amongst college programs for recruiting data on these athletes, S2 is pleased to be able to expand its reach into the sport through strategic partnerships with highly respected, trusted and well-known commodities within the game such as Bobby Buchanan, Morgan ("Mo") Klaevemann, a National Champion and All-American at Florida State University, and the rest of the High & Inside team."

High & Inside Founder, Bobby Buchanan, remarked, "High & Inside was founded by coaches for coaches and addresses some of the most underserved aspects of the game of softball including data analytics, player development, and recruiting. By seeking to serve as a front office resource of sorts for the organizations we serve, our mission is to make the lives of coaches easier and to give them more time to do what they love to do, which is help athletes be the best they can be. Simply put, our mission is to give insight supported by data to grow the game while bringing efficiency to the coaching staffs we serve."

Bobby Buchanan has enjoyed a successful coaching career at the private, collegiate, and pro levels, and currently serves as a Player Development & Data Consultant for USA Softball and Athletes Unlimited, and is Director of Scouting for Prospect Wire. Bobby’s career, coaching and serving female athletes across the game of softball, spans more than 10 years.

About S2 Cognition

Founded in 2015 by former college athletes and cognitive neuroscientists Scott Wylie and Brandon Ally, who met at Vanderbilt University while serving in research and clinical roles, S2 Cognition offers a best-in-class digital evaluation platform that is scientifically validated to measure an athletes cognitive abilities that have, until now, been unquantifiable. S2 is used by top NCAA, MLB, NFL, and MLS teams to aid in draft and recruiting decisions, measure player performance, and train better athletes through a structured prescription of drills to enhance player development. S2 believes that knowing how and why an athlete is wired from a cognitive perspective helps to create a more complete understanding as to why players excel in certain areas and struggle in others, so that player efficiency and performance is optimized.

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