S2 Cognition Expands Focus on Massive Youth Sports Market Through Strategic Partnership with Five Tool Baseball

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — S2 Cognition, a sports-science company that delivers a patented technology responsible for evaluating how an athlete’s brain works when making split-second decisions, announces its formalized partnership with Five Tool Baseball, a leading provider of world-class amateur baseball events including travel tournaments, showcases, combines, collegiate leagues and more in a way that creates maximum exposure for college and Major League Baseball (MLB) draft prospects.

As experts in cognitive science, S2 Cognition is leading the future of sports with its ground-breaking 30 to 45-minute cognitive evaluation that measures and quantifies how athletes process what they see with their eyes, make decisions based on that visual input, and their ability to act on that information on the field of play with millisecond-level precision. The "S2 Eval" is currently being used at the highest levels of collegiate athletics by teams in every major conference, and in professional sports by Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLS.

Commenting on the newly formed Partnership, S2 CEO Vaden Landers said, "We are excited to enter the scale phase of our business in partnership with highly respected people rooted in baseball like Lynn VanLandingham and the entire Five Tool family. S2 has been looking toward 2022 as the year it would start moving downstream with intentionality into youth sports, a market that is expected to see revenues expand to upwards of $80 billion by 2026." Landers added, "The early success we’ve had as a company in terms of getting traction in college and professional sports has created a halo-effect that is helping to drive interest and intrigue amongst athletes, parents of athletes, coaches, recruiters and scouts who are now recognizing that what you bring to the table from a cognitive perspective has a direct and meaningful impact on how you perform on the field."

Five Tool Founder, Lynn VanLandingham, remarked, "Five Tool has already begun to incorporate S2’s cognitive evaluation as a core and central component to all future events it operates in Texas, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and much of the Midwest. Furthermore, we are excited to work with S2 to establish certified S2 (Eval) Labs inside of baseball training facilities for purposes of conducting testing and connecting players to focused development programs according to the drill prescriptions that are systemically generated in connection with the evaluation."

About S2 Cognition
Founded in 2015 by former college athletes and cognitive neuroscientists Scott Wylie and Brandon Ally, who met at Vanderbilt University while serving in research and clinical roles, S2 Cognition offers a best-in-class digital evaluation platform that is scientifically validated to measure an athletes cognitive abilities that have, until now, been unquantifiable. S2 is used by top NCAA, MLB, NFL, and MLS teams to aid in draft and recruiting decisions, measure player performance, and train better athletes through a structured prescription of drills to enhance player development. S2 believes that knowing how and why an athlete is wired from a cognitive perspective helps to create a more complete understanding as to why players excel in certain areas and struggle in others, so that player efficiency and performance is optimized.

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