S2 Cognition Releases New Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Testing Platform, “S2X,” as Company Enters Scale Phase Through Retail Focused Distribution

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — S2 Cognition, a sports-science company that delivers a patented technology that evaluates athletes’ split-second decision skills and instincts, announced today that it has formally launched S2X. This new scale-based testing platform on the Microsoft Xbox will allow S2 to more broadly administer the S2 Eval across 9 major sports, military, and corporate environments where quick information processing and decisions are critical to performance. The S2X platform will provide the technology supporting strategic partnerships with leading performance training centers and facilities across the US and abroad. 

As experts in cognitive neuroscience, S2 offers cognitive evaluations tailored to each sport, ranging from a more focused player development evaluation (S2 Core) that captures key, sport specific cognitive skills, to a professional level evaluation (S2 PRO) that college and professional teams use for a more complete assessment of an athlete’s cognitive instincts, for scouting/recruiting, and player development. The S2 Core can be completed in 20-30 minutes while the S2 PRO takes 40-45 minutes. "We are measuring an athlete’s cognitive capacities and helping them, their parents, and their coaches understand their unique ability to process things they see with their eyes, the speed and accuracy with which they make decisions based on that visual input, and ultimately control their actions and reactions with millisecond-level precision," said Vaden Landers, CEO of S2 Cognition.

Commenting further on the launch of the new S2X testing platform, S2 CEO Vaden Landers said, "Our goal in building this testing platform was to make the S2 Eval more broadly available to athletes everywhere as our longstanding partnerships with professional and collegiate sports teams were trickling down into youth athletics. We have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from younger athletes (and their parents) who are interested in taking the evaluation, but we lacked an efficient and affordable process through which the testing could be administered. Our desire to meet this demand and resolve these complexities is where S2X was born. As we have made clear, S2 has been targeting 2022 as the year it would start moving downstream with intentionality into youth sports, a market that is expected to see revenues expand to upwards of $80 billion by 2026." Landers added, "We talk a lot internally about the fact that in order to sell to the masses we must educate the masses and deliver a product that is science-based and brings a real impact to athletes and their families who are increasingly flooded with training gimmicks and unrealistic promises. The commitment we have made to creating awareness, value, and availability across the amateur athlete community is beginning to pay dividends. This will continue to be a major focus as we begin to establish an expansive network of retail partners through which we can administer our cognitive assessment at scale. The S2 Certified Lab model has been met with significant interest as evidenced by the early adoption we are seeing, and the growing pipeline of prospective retail partners with whom we are actively engaged."

In addition to the company’s expansion into the youth sports market through a retail B2C strategy, the S2 Evaluation continues to be used at the highest levels of collegiate athletics by teams in every major conference, and in professional sports by Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, MLS, and recently the NHL. S2 Cognition currently has testing systems in the field in the US, the UK, the Dominican, Puerto Rico, and Africa.

Parties interested in becoming a Certifed S2 Retail Lab can learn more at www.s2cognition.com/s2lab.

About S2 Cognition

Founded in 2015 by former college athletes and cognitive neuroscientists Scott Wylie and Brandon Ally, who met at Vanderbilt University while serving in research and clinical roles, S2 Cognition is a best-in-class digital evaluation platform that is scientifically validated to measure an athlete’s cognitive abilities that have, until now, been unquantifiable. S2 is used by top NCAA, MLB, NFL, NBA, and MLS teams to aid in draft and recruiting decisions, measure player performance, and train better athletes through a structured prescription of drills to enhance player development. S2 believes that knowing how and why an athlete is wired from a cognitive perspective helps create a more complete understanding of why they excel in certain areas and struggle in others, so that player efficiency and performance is optimized. Working with S2 allows athletes to see what others can’t, train like others won’t, and perform like others don’t!

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