Soccer is Considered an Art; You Must Train Hard & Smart to Succeed in the Beautiful Game – World Soccer Player and Popular Performance Coach, Eric Friedlander, Officially Brands First Streamlined, High Performance Training Program for Footballers: RicFit

NEW YORK, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Internationally known soccer artist, Eric Friedlander, announced the expansion of his already popular one-on-one body training program to help other athletes sculpt and prepare for athletic success. Whether prepping for football, for another sport, or looking to completely change your life through holistic health, RicFit blends Eric’s brand of laser-targeted conditioning with his signature positive and upbeat approach to intensive training.

A true high-performance coach who is always learning; Eric is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, EXOS Performance Specialist, DBC Level 1 Coach, a Paul Chek HLC 1 Coach, and a Joel Jamison Conditioning Coach. And Eric has worked with dozens of professional footballer clients – including Osaze Urhoghide (Celtic FC), Pablo Sabbag (La Equidad-Colombia), Jamie Hopcutt (Oldham Athletic), Kyriakos Antoniou (Pafos FC- Cyprus), and Samuel Kroon, (Halmstads BK-Sweden).

The Launch of the RicFit Academy App:

Eric is expanding upon his successful 1-on-1 training program and will help more athletes via his upcoming app (that he has been working on tirelessly for the past 2 years). "I want to bring the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from playing the beautiful game for the last 23 years (8 of those years in Europe) to footballers around the globe. I don’t want location to be a barrier that prevents footballers from developing their game and chasing their dream."

Consistency Is the Act of Staying On Course:

A world traveler by age 20, Eric has spent three years in Germany, two years in Sweden, one and a half years in Israel, and two years in Latvia – perfecting his understanding of the craft of soccer by training and playing in some of the best football cultures in the world.

"Football is an art, and training your body for that art is, by definition, an intense act – there are no shortcuts," said Eric. "You can’t be at the top of your game and bring anything less than an intense focus to your training regimen. If you want to reach your genetic potential, you need to commit to a 24/7 job of bettering yourself on and off the field. Training on the field is, naturally, very important, but you must also take care of yourself off the field. You are only on the field/in the gym for four hours maximum per day (six days per week). What many don’t realize is that you adapt and grow outside of the gym and off the field, not on the field. Therefore, you need to recover as hard or harder than you train!"

RicFit – A Higher Level of Athletic Training:

RicFit 1-on-1 Coaching is the most detailed footballer program available and includes an initial screening process to ensure readiness for advanced training. Once a client is accepted, Eric requests at least 12 fitness assessments, and videos of the client’s form on certain exercises (to see how they move). He checks for postural imbalances and other areas that need work. Based on the completed questionnaire, assessments, current goals, past injury history, and where clients are in the season (if they are a footballer), Eric creates a personalized gym program, using his personally recorded exercises from his 4,500-video library.

Eric then creates a customized gym program, technical program (for footballers), a customized meal plan and a customized stretching program. He guarantees his clients will get results, or their money back.

Past clients have stated: "He’s not just your trainer, looking after everything you do, he truly becomes a good friend."

Professional Athletes Always Stick to the Schedule; Amateurs Let Life Get in the Way

"I’ve spent almost my entire life dedicated to this game, working toward the physical acumen and artistry it takes to master it. And what that time has taught me more than anything is that consistency is key. Training your body and mind for the intensity required to reach a higher level and nuance of skill – to become a soccer artist – is an entirely a different feat. And it starts with training: day in, day out, with no excuses! That’s what all the pros do."

RicFit is currently available via Eric’s website. And for more information and a ton of free content to get started, follow Eric on social media: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.

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