Something New in Tennis Players Bags

MURRAY, Utah, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zarifa USA, a leading innovator of massage products, noticed a trend of tennis players buying up large quantities of their mini massagers. Zarifa USA CEO Yama Mustafawi made the discovery.

The Company stays in very close contact with its customers and kept hearing how important its products are in aiding tennis players in recovery after a hard workout. Tennis takes a lot of energy and can produce sore muscles after a strenuous game. Zarifa USA encourages its clientele to get a massage and avoid or minimize the intake of pain medications, even the over-the-counter options. Fortunately, tennis players are doing just that. They are choosing to have a mini massage gun in their bag to keep muscles loose, and yet still others are purchasing larger massage guns as well as massage chairs to loosen muscles and, relieve their pain.

"We have noticed an upward trend in our sales with tennis players and, tennis associations. Players are telling us how much they enjoy having a mini massager with them in their bag. We have also had tennis associations buy these massagers in bulk for their members.," says Yama Mustafawi, CEO of Zarifa USA, "It’s not a bad idea to massage your muscles after any sport. Personally, I think these massage guns are specifically helping our older customers get back out on the court sooner,".

Headquartered in Murray, Utah, Zarifa USA aims to assist and provide relief to the increasing number of over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain each year without using addictive substances such as opioids. Zarifa USA is committed to helping customers find pain relief through easily accessible products that deliver positive medical results. The company supports pain sufferers through their difficult times and provides a positive drug-free massage therapy experience. Product consultations can be done by phone, by private in-store appointments, or by shopping online. For more information, go to, call direct 385-645-0255, or email at

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