Spikeball, The Best Graduation Gift (and Grad Party)

CHICAGO, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As high school graduation approaches, over 3 million U.S. households are stressing about the perfect way to celebrate this significant milestone. While traditional presents like cash or electronics are fine, why not consider something distinctive and memorable? Giving Spikeball to your grad will make you a hero because it’s the ultimate high school graduation gift!

I.  Teens LOVE it! Millions of sets sold, and tens of millions of social media views, combined with televised tournaments on ESPN, prove teens love to play and watch Spikeball. With its fast-paced gameplay, thrilling rallies, and countless variations and play styles, each game is a unique experience and it never gets boring.

II.  Builds Social Connections: High school graduation signifies the end of an era as teens prepare for new adventures. Spikeball is a gift AND party idea! It fosters social interaction, strengthening bonds with friends before embarking on college or other pursuits. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather a group together for some spirited competition and quality time.

III.  Promotes an Active Lifestyle: In an era dominated by screens and sedentary habits, Spikeball encourages teens to embrace the outdoors and physical activity. Whether they’re setting up in the backyard, at the beach, on campus, or in the park, Spikeball offers a fun way to stay active while enjoying each other’s company.

IV.  Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Spikeball’s simplicity is its brilliance. With straightforward rules and gameplay, anyone can grab a ball and join in the fun. However, mastering the game requires practice, strategy, and skill, offering a challenge that keeps players engaged. Spikeball doesn’t require a large field or specialized equipment. The compact size of the Spikeball set makes it easy to transport, enabling players to take the game wherever they go.

Why settle for something mundane when you can give your teen something truly awesome? Gift your grad boundless hours of fun and memories with a Spikeball set that will be cherished for years to come.

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Sets are as low as $69.00, and limited editions and various accessories to make sets glow in the dark, float, or play with paddles, are available. For more information about how to make it the highlight of your teen’s graduation celebration, visit www.spikeball.com.

About Spikeball Inc.: Spikeball Inc. is the leading provider of innovative outdoor games and accessories, dedicated to bringing people together through active and engaging gameplay. Since its founding, Spikeball Inc. has been committed to pushing the boundaries of outdoor entertainment and inspiring players of all ages to get outside and have fun.

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