Sponsors And Investors See Ground-Floor Opportunities With The Expansion Of Arena Football Association

NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Arena Football Association™ (AFA™), the first big 6 (AFA, MLS, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL) Major Sports League, owned and operated by men, women and ethnic minorities, announced the official league expansion at the Fuel Business Summit presented by JPMorgan Chase & Co. and AARP.

"Major professional sports have traditionally favored male ownership and operation. Our league has changed the game, offering women and ethnic-minorities opportunities to own and operate teams along with their male counterparts," said Lisa Giamo, spokesperson. "This expansion of leadership talent will pave the way for a new generation of coaches, referees, players, front office staff and owners."

Marketers looking for value and alignment to these principles can find it by partnering with the Arena Football Association (AFA).

With the AFA, "you can spend the same sponsorship dollars to reach 100 million people for a whole year with a greater marketing impact as you would get from just one 30-second commercial spot at a competing league," she says.

As expansion plans become a reality, it will be the first male, female and minority-owned and operated sports association to become a major professional league, that started during the pandemic.

"We started and survived when most places didn’t have any sports at all," said Giamo.  

The league ended its 2021 season in July with the Lone Star Series between 5 Texan teams. The teams for the 2022 season include the Amarillo Venom, Odessa West Texas Warbirds, Houston Texas Jets, Rio Grande Valley Dorados, North Richland Hills Texas Crude, Ft. Worth North Texas Bulls and more to come. Expansion nationally will follow strength in the 30M consumer Texas market.

AFA is focusing on the top three percent of collegiate players graduating from leading NCAA schools. The league has a unique niche, focusing on underserved markets as it expands across the U.S. and Canada with population footprints between 200,000 to two million people.

"We want to bring football to areas that haven’t seen it on a professional scale," said Giamo.

At the same time, it wants to make football affordable in these major markets, especially for families. Ticket prices are between $20$25 with packages for families and veterans. Based on the fan reaction to our inaugural season this past Summer, we anticipate full houses in as many stadiums as possible.

The league is also built on a world-class business model of operational excellence practices to drive league growth. Every team must adhere to strict business operations principles that helps to ensure teams will be around for the next 50-100 years. These teams will be a driver of community pride, economic development and job opportunities.

Fans are growing because they’re attracted to and love the fast format of the league’s action-packed games, which is a new trend in sports.

"Our quarters are 15 minutes and tend to be more exciting than the outdoor format. Our championship game had a score of 76 to 60. That’s a touchdown every four minutes" said Giamo.

Media rights, merchandise sales, concessions, and sponsors will drive the bulk of the revenue, ensuring the survival of the league. Right now, there are all kinds of title presentation sponsorship opportunities ranging from the league’s official airline to the official transportation provider.

Sponsors will be promoted on the website, social media, and on-demand with content produced by The-Post-Game (TPG). The sports media consultancy and content studio has partnered with the league for national media rights and digital fan engagement.

The objective of TPG is to engage an educated and affluent global audience of 120 million viewers per year with content specifically for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Germany. This audience is predicted to explode within 10 years, she says.

Content will also be produced during the off-season.

"We can enable a national footprint to ensure content is available even during these football deserts to all parts of the country. The content might include players working out in gyms, web dramas, or players teaching kids in a classroom," said Giamo.

League founding directors include Douglas C. Freeman, Fredrick Smith, and Maximillian L. Hamilton, all of whom are veteran entrepreneurs with over 100 combined years of experience, along with having served as C-Suite advisors to the Fortune 1000. The league is in the process of raising capital. Currently, you have an opportunity to own an investment on the ground floor of a U.S. professional football league via:


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