“Sport: A Stage In Life,” by World Class Athlete and Businesswoman Cristiana Pinciroli Wins Awards

New Leadership Book Shows How To Connect with the Touchstones of Elite Performance And Personal Fulfillment

MIAMI, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sport inspires us to surpass our limits, face challenges, and develop emotional acumen that we can deploy in many aspects of life. “Sport: A Stage for Life” by Cristiana Pinciroli has garnered both Firebird and Titan Book Awards. The book aims not just to inspire you, but to guide you in applying the lessons of sport so that you may evolve on your own journey of self-development and transformation. 

The award-winning book also teaches you how Pinciroli and her father applied lessons from sport in building a strong father-daughter bond and successful careers off the playing field by enriching their own personal lives after their elite athlete playing days were over.  

Passionate about sharing her wisdom, Pinciroli has gathered contributions and insights from world-renowned athletes and coaches, leading academics, physicians, and psychologists who share stories that inspire and support the scientific evidence that we can harness human potential into a life of fulfillment and happiness.

“It is my hope that this book and the stories within inspires people to push beyond their limits, face down challenges, and develop personal skills that can be applied to many aspects of life,” Pinciroli said. “I truly believe that sport, when played at any level by children, teenagers, adults, seniors, and elite athletes can be a catalyst for personal growth and extreme success.”

Pinciroli is best known as a former professional water polo player who played in Italy and captained the Brazilian national team for 13 years. She was voted among the best players in the world while also pursuing a successful executive career in the finance industry. Her father Pedro, also a top water polo player, represented Brazil at two Olympics and oversaw one of the largest communication groups in Latin America until his retirement.

“This book is replete with advice that can help you and those you care about flourish. It is a blueprint for excellence in sports as well as in every domain of life be it personal or professional,” said Tal Ben-Shahar, best-selling author, leadership expert, and founder of HAS – Happiness Studies Academy.

For more information on Cristiana Pinciroli go to www.weteam.today or to order the book go to https://www.amazon.com/SPORT-TOUCHSTONES-PERFORMANCE-PERSONAL-FULFILLMENT/dp/1663233675

About Cristiana Pinciroli

A native of São Paulo, Cristiana Pinciroli began her sports career at the age of 6 as a swimmer and then as a water polo player. She went on to captain the Brazilian National Women’s Water Polo team for 13 years and played professionally in Italy for 4 years. In 2019, she founded WeTeam, a consultancy dedicated to leaders and athletes. With over 25 years of experience as an executive, she combines the lessons learned from high-performance sports with the study of the science of happiness to foster the development and fulfillment of human potential along with a journey of success and well-being.


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