SportVEST and Major League Polo Fast Track $105 Million NFT Deal

PRINCETON, N.J., June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SportVEST Holdings, Inc., the Venture Arm of the NFL Alumni Association and Major League Polo with their MLP SuperDraft on August 31, 2021, are moving quickly with their strategies, investors, and digital creative technologies in taking their innovative thinking to market. SportVEST recently acquired Major League Polo’s SuperDraft NFT licensing rights for $105 million ($35 million over 3 seasons) adding to its weighty portfolio of digital assets, now valued upwards of $200+ million.

The vision to bridge leagues with the Legends of Sport and technology enables athletes of different leagues and eras to share their respective talents. By engaging fans, we create a fun experience that will leave a lasting impression that continues through the Unique Digital Properties of NFTs. 

Kimberly Casey Carr, President & CEO of Major League Polo and Vic Bakunoff of SportVEST Holdings believe there has never been an effort to allow the Legends of Sport and technology to be this interactive. To think that one could place the NFL and Polo in the same category is remarkable. It’s groundbreaking. 

There will be Legends of Sports events touting this program leading up to and including MLP’s SuperDraft on August 31, 2021. MLP’s World Series of Polo Championship series begins on December 26, 2021, featuring 96 matches, 2 Semi-Finals and World Cup finals, with 16 matches to be live streamed.

MLP plans to feature its own esports title tourneys in their 16 pro stadium venues and to capitalize on this new sponsorship trend. "It’s a great opportunity for us to activate our fan engagement with our pro athletes, pro athletes from other sports, sponsors and our esports gaming," said Kimberly Casey Carr. "We believe our unique offering of esports tournament play alongside our live polo sport match play, especially the SuperDraft event with the Legends of Sport, will provide an incredible experience with amazing NFT asset possibilities that capture moments on and off the field," stated Ms. Carr.

SportVEST Holdings’s next funding round is imminent to fuel additional NFT growth across Major League Polo and its other professional and collegiate brand monetization initiatives. The NFT sales revenue generated will ultimately benefit Legends of Sport and their journeyman teammates and their supported children charity programs. These athletes are creating groundbreaking opportunities by opening doors to more sports, esports, gaming, and entertainment experiences via the NFT marketplace. 

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Vic Bakunoff

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