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Revolutionize the industry of golf with EGO: Edging Golf Out, by making the game more affordable, diverse, and all-inclusive.

ST. JOHNS, Fla., April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Chuck Thompson, Founder and CEO of MMC®, a visionary leader in no-risk business growth and golfer acquisition, announced the release of his new book titled, “EGO: Edging Golf Out.”

The book aims to raise awareness to the Save and Grow the Game website which was launched in 2023. A crowd funding site that is specifically designed to save and grow the game of golf by making it more affordable, diverse and all-inclusive.

We often hear claims of how golf is expanding, but recent studies tell a different story. The fact is, golf is struggling and on the decline. There have been countless golf course closures (more than 5,000 eighteen hole facilities over the past two decades) and sadly, it is the entry and mid-level facilities that are being squeezed out of most markets. Additionally, there has been a drop in the number of players at a worrisome rate yet over the past two decades the US population has grown by more than 10%. A thirty three percent reduction in facilities and a ten percent increase in potential golfers does not equate to growth no matter how poor your math skills are.

In the Tiger woods era, the 1990s, the experts cried there are too many new players and not enough golf courses, which sent the developers in a building frenzy. As the turn of the century rolled around, players started leaving the game and then the experts cried there were too many golf courses. Today, the experts say everything is fantastic and the game is growing while the data clearly tells a much different story. There are not even enough facilities to adequately service the existing players, much less new players.

“EGO: Edging Golf Out” highlights the importance of fostering a more diverse and all-inclusive approach in order to ensure a sustainable golf industry. Currently, the industry struggles to regain lost players and revitalize shuttered facilities. It’s true that these closures have benefited some owners/operators, allowing them to flourish with less competition. However, it is disheartening when they take advantage of this situation by setting sky-high prices for rounds, season passes, memberships and/or greens fees that the average player can’t afford. This could lead to even more people losing interest in playing the game we love. Chuck encourages The PGA, The LPGA, LIV Golf, donors, sponsors, advertisers, municipalities, manufacturers, retailers, and everyone in the golf industry, including players, to come together as a community, actively challenge the status quo, and explore new avenues for sustainable growth.

By challenging the status quo, we can make golf more affordable, diverse, and all-inclusive as well as save and grow the game by making golf everyone’s game.

Visit www.saveandgrowthegame.com or Amazon to get a copy of EGO: Edging Golf Out.

About the Author

Chuck Thompson, Founder and CEO of Mulligan Marketing Concepts® (MMC®) and the author of Golf: The Untapped Market.

Since 2006, Chuck and his team have partnered with more than 500 golf facilities, and since 1991, they have worked with over 1000 member-based businesses. He originally launched MMC® to acquire members from untapped markets for upscale health clubs. Between the two industries, MMC® has acquired millions of members and thus far, has raised almost one billion US dollars between immediate cash and backend/operational revenue for their clients, saving hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs.

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