Takes Launches Out of Beta with Live Sports Interaction App

Former MLB Exec Creates Dynamic Hub to Deliver All-in-One Sports Experience; $1.6M in Pre-Seed Funding from Miami FC and Series A Owner, IMG and Entourage veteran sports executive, and Astralis Capital

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Takes, an innovative, all-encompassing sports experience app, today announced its official launch out of beta on the heels of a $1.6M pre-seed raise. Backed by industry heavyweights including Riccardo Silva, Co-Owner of AC Milan and Miami FC; along with co-founder of MP & Silva (MPS) and sports business veteran, Carlo Pozzali; Astralis Capital, a digital sports and gambling focused fund managed by Tisno Onggara and Evan Meyer; and Joe Inzerillo, CPO + CTO at Sirius and Tech Visionary behind MLBAM & BAMTech. Takes is putting interactive, crowdsourced, and snackable content in the hands of sports fans everywhere – with initial users at 15+ launched college campuses nationwide.

Developed by former MLB and Amazon product executive, Michael Iams, Takes is a dynamic hub where fans can share their own sportscaster-quality video commentary, engage with friends and other fans, make live predictions and browse highlights, stats, and analysis.

“Sports have always been about those exhilarating moments that captivate passionate fans,” said Iams, CEO and Co-Founder, Takes. “Takes amplifies these moments by making users feel like they’re at a sports bar with their best friends. With the ability to tap into AI-driven personalization, live interactions, and content co-creation, Takes meets the next generation of sports fans where they are — on their phones – whether at the game, watching live, or just looking for quick content or stats.”

Powered by advanced AI, Takes curates a feed of content tailored to users’ interests, whether it’s following a favorite team, tracking a fantasy league, or staying up-to-date about key players. Users connect with fellow fans as the game unfolds, fostering vibrant conversations and creating an engaging and inclusive sports community.

With a comprehensive suite of creator tools and real-time statistics available, Takes empowers users to step into the role of color commentators, with picture-in-picture editing, telestrators to mark up live plays, and augmented reality filters to express fandom.

“Existing social platforms often fail to cater effectively to the needs of Gen Z sports fans,” said Liz Ludwig, COO and Co-Founder, Takes. “This younger demographic craves more than passive content consumption: they yearn for interactive and personalized experiences that are integrated into their digital-native lifestyle. Takes answers this call by allowing fans to not only watch, but to also participate in and communicate about the games they love in real-time.”

To join the Takes revolution and experience the future of sports interaction, visit: www.takes.live

About Takes:

Founded in 2021 by Michael Iams and Liz Ludwig, Takes is a pioneering sports-focused social platform built to bring people together around their shared love of sport. Emulating the camaraderie found in a sports bar, the platform offers a shared, immersive experience where fans revel in games together. Real-time game feeds leverage generative AI to curate up-to-the-minute stats and organize posts around the moments that matter in sports, while innovative creator tools, allow fans to express their true sports passion. By resonating with the full spectrum of Gen Z sports enthusiasts, Takes provides an unparalleled opportunity for brands to engage authentically with this audience while enabling creators to monetize their unique Takes within a dedicated fan community. Download Takes here and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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