Taking the Centuries in Stride

CLEVELAND, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With 982,800 rotations of a bicycle wheel, Max Hobhouse and Sophie Traube, the cyclists for Top to Bottom, have discovered their thoughts on mental health. This trip of over 4,200 miles from Portland to New York City was for their health, focusing on getting outside following the lockdown from COVID. 

"I find myself in disbelief about our journey.  It seems like it went by so fast, but as well the harsh reality I have learned about mental health for my generation and myself," Sophie stated.  Our society has created a solid expectation to connect on social media, especially for the younger generation, leading to isolation and comparisons. With that awareness already in their lens, Max and Sophie shared their stories along the way on Instagram. They kept their focus on the journey, not social media.

This trip created time for Max and Sophie to dig even deeper into their mental health wellness and awareness. "We started with the goal to be advocates for mental health awareness and, we will continue to do so.  But what we didn’t realize until the final leg is how much we would learn about our own devices for mental health," Max informed. "We each came up with items that we feel embody ourselves to be mentally healthy," said Sophie. 

One night as the pair stopped for a bite to eat, that entailed a pizza in Wisdom, Montana. A secret sauce recipe was shared by Clayton, the owner. "He had us join him in his kitchen to make a pizza, and we said it’s your sauce that is amazing. And there he stood sharing his recipe," Sophie explained. They later found somewhere to pitch tents for the night and met more mosquitos than people. But as the evening came, the duo discussed what an adventure they were on.  Still really unknown the future and how much more they had to learn. About cycling, yes, but even more about themselves. And we needed to get back to that sauce recipe.

"Perhaps that is it. Each of us must find and create our own recipe," Sophie realized, "the base may be the same, but we all need to add in our own spices." 

Being physical again definitely helped Max as he explained, "My everyday focus is getting to the next stop. It makes me aware that a focus truly helps my mental health," Max stated. "I think that’s a strong component with physical health. Yes, it helps me mentally, but often, a physical health component we desire contains a goal. "It’s a goal, it’s a focus," Max reiterated. It’s a mind that now has a purpose. And a belief that humanity can be kind sure can help a long journey on a cycle or life. 

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