TBL & NFEC Announce National Financial Literacy MVP Award and Conference Champions

LAS VEGAS, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) and The Basketball League (TBL) lead a financial literacy contest among the players and 49 teams from around the US.  Players competed against each other for the coveted title of National Financial Literacy MVP based on rigorous criteria that measured:

  • Education: Players complete educational activities that further their financial knowledge.

  • Advocacy: Actively promote economic empowerment through financial education in their local communities.

  • Leadership: Showcasing their leadership skills by getting others involved with addressing their personal finances and earning their Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI®) credentials.

This year’s National Financial Literacy Most Valuable Player is:

Chiddy Golden with the Long Beach Blue Waves won the 2023 Financial Literacy MVP award and received a $2,500 bonus plus an MVP ring sponsored by Baron.  “I’m taking what I learned and sharing it with my friends and those around me.” 

The NFEC and TBL also recognized 2 Conference Champions:

Desmond McIver with the Coastal Georgia Buccaneers.  “I’m taking a leadership role by building up as much knowledge so that it can benefit myself but also to help my teammates and fellow peers out with as much as I know.”

Carl Snyder with the Wenatchee Bighorns. “I have younger cousins who look up to me and one of the things I want and try to teach them is how to be good with money.”

Special mentions also go out to these additional players who showed dedication and commitment to helping us promote financial literacy to youth across the country.

  • Justin Walker, Coastal Georgia Buccaneers
  • Brandon Porter, Wenatchee Big Horns
  • Myles Lewis, Reading Rebels
  • Chris Blount, Long Beach Blue Waves
  • Jaylen Nixon, Wenatchee Big Horns
  • Charlie Ollis, Wenatchee Big Horns
  • Chase Cobb, Southeast Texas Panthers
  • Calvin Chandler, West Virginia Grind
  • Jason Smarr, Salem Capitals
  • Jordon Parks, Coastal Georgia Buccaneers

For the team conference competition, the West Coast lead the pack, followed by the Eastern Conference in 2nd place, and the Midwest and Central tied for 3rd place.

The Basketball League (TBL) along with its teams, players, and the NFEC, work together to spread financial literacy throughout TBL professional sports league communities around the U.S.  Learn more about the NFEC / TBL partnership here.

“These young men demonstrated their commitment to gaining financial skill sets and leadership in promoting personal financial education in their communities.  We appreciate their efforts to be positive role models for today’s youth,” states Vince Shorb of the National Financial Educators Council.

This campaign kicked off in 2020 with the objective to train TBL teams, executives, and staff how to teach personal finance. Over 70 participants registered for the Certified Financial Education Instructor course.

Other partners and supporters that generously support TBL and this financial literacy campaign include Barons, Broad St. South Podcast with Angel Martinez, and the fans and teams in 49 cities across the country.

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) is a social enterprise organization whose stated mission is to improve financial capability among the nation’s citizens. The NFEC aims to increase access to financial literacy resources that represent best practices in financial education.

The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a World Class Professional Basketball experience to its communities, fans, and business partners. The league’s mission is to provide communities with professional basketball teams that give an affordable, quality family entertainment experience and provide players with educational opportunities to learn from nationally acclaimed life skills classes for financial literacy, health and wellness, nutrition, preventive medicine, and sports biomechanics.

Trevor Stoll


SOURCE National Financial Educators Council