TBL & NFEC Expand Financial Literacy Campaign to Serve Players, Teams, and Communities

DALLAS, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) expands its partnership with The Basketball League (TBL) to promote financial literacy throughout TBL professional sports league communities across the country.

The Basketball League (TBL) along with its teams, players, and the NFEC, work together to spread financial literacy throughout TBL professional sports league communities around the U.S.

TBL teams participate in the financial literacy campaign by:

  • Community Financial Literacy Donations. The TBL and teams across the league support local nonprofits, schools, and community groups by donating financial literacy resources provided by the NFEC.

  • Financial Literacy Test. Teams select an attendee from the game and ask age-appropriate questions from the NFEC’s financial literacy test. For each question they get correct, they get a chance to take a shot and win prizes.

  • Financial Educator Day. During halftime, teams recognize those individuals who promote economic empowerment through financial education.

  • Mother’s Day Promotion. By providing free tickets to a game, teams encourage young fans to do chores for their Moms as a Mother’s Day gift to help encourage a strong work ethic and contribute toward family goals.

Players participate in a competition with other players and complete activities focused on these 3 core areas:

  • Education: Players complete educational activities that further their financial knowledge.

  • Advocacy: Actively promote economic empowerment through financial education in their local communities.

  • Leadership: Showcasing their leadership skills by getting others involved with addressing their personal finances and earning their Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI®) credentials.

Learn more about the NFEC / TBL partnership here.

“We are honored to work with #adifferentleague where the spirit of the game lives. Through this partnership with TBL, we are taking steps to address the financial literacy crisis by having professional athletes take an active role in the financial literacy movement,” states Vince Shorb of the National Financial Educators Council.

This campaign kicked off in 2020 with the objective to train TBL teams, executives, and staff how to teach personal finance. Over 70 participants registered for the Certified Financial Education Instructor course. Additionally, the NFEC supplied the graduates with research-based financial education resources that include presentation lesson plans, online learning, and ongoing education support. This campaign is reaching the 4 TBL conferences West, Midwest, Central, and East across the US and Canada.

“NFEC is playing a major role in positively impacting the lives of not only TBL Players but also their families and entire communities nationwide. Their fully accredited financial literacy program will help educate and acclimate thousands of minds building financial wealth and legacy both now and for generations to come.” —Evelyn Magley/CEO-The Basketball League

Other partners and supporters that generously support TBL and this financial literacy campaign include Barons, Broad St. South Podcast with Angel Martinez, and the fans and teams in 49 cities across the country.

“This expanded initiative is a great opportunity for our teams and players to share financial literacy with the communities they serve,” states Victoria Jones – VP of Financial Literacy and Personal Development.

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) is a social enterprise organization whose stated mission is to improve financial capability among the nation’s citizens. The NFEC aims to increase access to financial literacy resources that represent best practices in financial education.

The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a World Class Professional Basketball experience to its communities, fans, and business partners. The league’s mission is to provide communities with professional basketball teams that give an affordable, quality family entertainment experience and provide players with educational opportunities to learn from nationally acclaimed life skills classes for financial literacy, health and wellness, nutrition, preventive medicine, and sports biomechanics.

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