The Birth State of Pickleball Soon to Have Pickleball Kingdoms

SEATTLE, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Kingdom, the nation’s premier indoor pickleball franchise, is thrilled to announce its expansion into Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, the very cradle of pickleball. Spearheaded by esteemed franchisee John Hyland, this expansion marks a significant milestone in bringing top-tier pickleball experiences to enthusiasts and newcomers alike in the sport’s birthplace.

“Internally, we’ve been exploring opportunities in Washington for a while now. Afterall, it’s where pickleball started.” Explained Founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, Ace Rodrigues. “The key for us was finding the right partner, and we have exactly that in John and Casey Hyland.

Seattle and Bellevue residents are in for a treat as multiple state-of-the-art Pickleball Kingdom clubs are set to open their doors. These facilities promise to offer an unmatched pickleball experience, combining high-quality courts, professional coaching, and a vibrant community spirit.

“Pickleball Kingdom is more than just a place to play; it’s a community where people of all ages and skill levels can come together to enjoy the rapidly growing sport of pickleball,” said COO, Rob Streett. “Bringing our brand to Seattle and Bellevue feels like a homecoming. After all, this is where it all began and it’s where John is from.”

Founded with the mission to promote the sport of pickleball and provide a welcoming environment for players, Pickleball Kingdom has quickly risen to become the foremost indoor pickleball brand in the country. Its clubs are renowned for their exceptional facilities, which include climate-controlled indoor courts, comfortable lounge areas, and top-notch training programs.

The Seattle and Bellevue clubs will offer a range of services, including:

State-of-the-Art Indoor Courts: Designed to provide the best playing experience; outdoor surface with all the indoor benefit, so great environment regardless of weather conditions.
Professional Coaching and Clinics: Catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced players.
Youth Programs: Encouraging younger generations to take up the sport.
Leagues and Tournaments: For those seeking competitive play.
Community & Corporate Events: Fostering a sense of camaraderie and community among members.

John Hyland commented, “For several months out of the year, it is very difficult to play the sport that so many people love. I found a few places that would turn their indoor basketball court into a few pickleball courts, but it was very tough to get on. With our partnership with Pickleball Kingdom, we will provide the ideal playing conditions every day, all year round. It’s the solution that the people in the Northwest have been waiting for. And the social aspect, the club culture that I saw and experienced inside Pickleball Kingdom in Arizona when I originally visited it, that was what really drew me to it.”

Hyland has been a successful real estate investor for years and is also in the aviation industry. John and his wife of 20 years, Casey, have two young children.

Pickleball Kingdom expects to make announcements about the specific locations of these clubs soon. Pickleball Kingdom invites interested parties to follow them on their social media platforms, @pickleballkingdom, and to visit their website,

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COO Rob Streett

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