The Great Resignation Fuels Reg A Investments

RIVERVIEW, Fla., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GolfSuites announced that its successful Round 2 Reg A funding will close on Feb 18th with a new round opening at a higher per share price early 2nd quarter 2022. A renewed interest in diverse investment opportunities by a percentage of the 4.5 million people that have resigned their jobs is opening the minds of individual investors.  "The latest numbers reveal that the so-called Great Resignation shows no signs of slowing down," Fortune recently reported. 

GolfSuites’ complimentary blend of a proven entertainment segment, a proven leadership team headed up by Nick Flanagan, GolfSuites President and COO, and the 8% annual dividend – now consistently paid over 3 years – with $630 minimum investment for non-accredited investors is in alignment with the demand for democratizing investment for millions of Americans. 

"I joined GolfSuites because I saw the incredible opportunity to build a corporate culture and expand our investment community to be more inclusive," says Flanagan, "this is the best time to meet high market demand in golf and entertainment with the support of our investment community.  We are like a growing family here."

GolfSuites has 3 locations with 3 more in planning.  The company is expecting to continue on a profitable growth trajectory, paying dividends out of net cash flow from operating locations.  Recent SEC developments are supporting the growth of these companies. "Non-accredited investors now have the chance to invest in a growing number of promising startups and enterprises. Reg A+ made headlines recently, as the SEC has taken the decision to raise the annual limit for a Tier 2 offering from $50 million to $75 million — a substantial 50% increase, implemented as of March 15, 2021."

About GolfSuites:
GolfSuites was created to take advantage of the significant and growing demand for more affordable, less time-consuming alternatives for golfers while providing family-oriented sports entertainment and alternative dining options.

The GolfSuites management team brings over 100 years of combined golf, entertainment, food and beverage, and hospitality experience, uniquely positioning GolfSuites for accelerated growth and success.  For more information on locations and investment opportunities visit or

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