The Ultimate Equalizer for Underdogs: DFS Hub Launches Lineup Builder for Daily Fantasy Football

NAPLES, Fla., Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Industry data reveals that 3 out of 4 people are losing money in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), with a staggering 97% of winnings going to highly experienced players. DFS Hub’s new technology unstacks the deck against underdogs, just in time for the new NFL season.

What is it?

DFS Hub puts thousands of data insights at the fingertips of daily fantasy football players, all on one highly customizable page.

Players can then focus solely on data that matters, helping them build better DraftKings and FanDuel lineups, faster.

What Sets DFS Hub Apart?

1. Time-Saving Aggregation

People have better things to do than scroll through 20 tabs of data when researching their Sunday lineups. DFS Hub’s Lineup Builder is like a Swiss Army knife of NFL DFS information, aggregating data from over 4,500 sources, including breaking news, player grades, Vegas odds, prop lines, player ownership data, and more than 100 proprietary stats—all on a single customizable page.

2. Precision Filtering and Sorting

Screen and sort fantasy stats like a champ, to quickly spot undervalued players meeting your criteria. Once you lock them in your lineup, a single click exports your roster for DraftKings or FanDuel. One more click enters that same lineup in DFS Hub’s FREE weekly “no strings” contest for real cash prizes.

3. Real-Time Injury Replacements

When a starter goes down, DFS Hub’s NFL Fantasy Football Injuries report instantly identifies the best available substitutions in for that player, serving you a treasure trove of hidden DFS values every week.

4. A Risk-Free Practice Field

DFS Hub offers free contests with $175 up for grabs every week. That lets newbies practice DFS strategies with zero financial risk, but still some reward. (Everyone needs some motivation!) Consistent winners can then graduate to live money tournaments at the big DFS sites when they’re ready.

About the Company

In 2019, DFS Hub founder Rob McLister was frustrated by the lack of simple, customizable and comprehensive NFL lineup builders. He took matters into his own hands, dedicating four years to create DFS Hub. Rob’s mission: To help “Average Joes” tackle the DFS pros.

Editorial Opportunities

For a Zoom demo, newsworthy NFL DFS data trends or exclusive expert insights from Rob — on topics like leveraging technology to win more, what fantasy metrics truly matter, and how to exploit player prop data in daily fantasy contests — email a request to

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Robert McLister