The United Fundraising League Announces New Modernized Fundraising Platform During The United Flag Football League’s National Championship

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The United Fundraising League (UFL) introduced their new fundraising platform today during the United Flag Football League’s 2021-2022 National Championship in Orlando Florida.

The United Fundraising League (UFL) is empowering individuals and Nonprofits to fundraise at their fingertips by tapping into the latent potential of adult social gaming. From micro events, individual gaming Leagues and volunteering initiatives, there’s no shortage of ways for gamers to give back and help make the world a better place— all while earning prizes themselves!

Currently, many recreational and school sports teams across the country rely on booster club events like car washes or selling discount cards to raise funds for programming, the UFL fundraising platform provides a new, modernized, and pandemic proof solution by utilizing mobile devices for gaming.

"As a mother who has had children participate in school sports, the fundraising platform allows teams and booster club parents to raise money without the stress of running a fund drive," said Kimberley Christopherson, COO of the UFL. "Our platform allows parents, coaches, and players to focus on what matters most, the game."

Another feature of the UFL fundraising platform is the opportunity for individuals participating to earn points for prizes, cash for playing on the platform or volunteering with the teams. It is a win-win-win solution for everyone, Christopherson said.

The UFL recently launched their new website and have made plans for a multi-city, nationwide tour to introduce the platform to Nonprofits in major cities starting with Nashville TN, Oklahoma City OK, Orlando FL, Salt Lake City UT, Las Vegas NV, Boise ID, Raleigh/Durham NC, Washington DC, Long Island NY, Richmond Virginia and Houston TX. To learn more about the UFL and how they are modernizing the fundraising world with mobile gaming, visit their website at

Press Contact: Cyd Hatch
Mobile: 703-635-6312

SOURCE United Fundraising League