The Voice of American Sports – Radio Icon/Voice Over Artist, Cayman Kelly Signs Contract to Become New Imaging Voice for NBA Studio and Event Programming, Including ‘NBA Today’ and ‘NBA Countdown’

WASHINGTON, Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cayman Kelly proudly announced that he had recently secured a contract to serve as the national imaging voice of the NBA on ESPN for the 2022-23 season. As an ambassador for some of the most popular sports organizations in America – including MNF and the NHL – Cayman’s work with the NBA will include voiceovers for preseason, opens, billboards, sponsorship elements, NBA specials, and other telecasts during the season.

“A few years ago when I became the imaging voice for ESPN Radio, David Roberts, the Head of NBA & Studio Production, gave me some great advice about my career,” said Cayman. “I had already done a lot of things in the Voice-Over space but David told me to ‘Dream bigger than just ESPN Radio because your talent will present a lot of opportunities for you!’ While it’s still surreal, I never could have imagined I would wind up here. But I must say, David Roberts was right. I’ve been so honored to work with Monday Night Football, the NHL, and now the NBA. These shows reach the ears of millions of listeners and their families everywhere. It just doesn’t get any better than that in my career. It’s like a beautiful dream come true. God just keeps dropping blessings and I keep gathering them up.”

Cayman is an American voiceover mainstay with appearances in animations, video games, television, album promos, the host of a popular radio show on SiriusXM’s Heart & Soul, and much more. He has been a Black voiceover icon and radio personality for decades, uplifting and galvanizing a wide range of new and established artists in radio, music, sports, television, and comedy.

NBA – The Birthplace of Basketball Superstars

“The NBA has been an American sports foundation for decades. And I don’t need to tell anyone how important sports like basketball and football are to kids across the country,” Cayman said. “Working with the NBA, helping to elevate its message, is an honor for a variety of reasons. It’s like being a part of living sports history. And I am happy to infuse my own excitement and love of the game into each show I do.”

Formed on August 3, 1949 with the merger of two rival organizations, the National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America, the NBA is the largest professional basketball organization. Initially a 17-team league, the NBA now represents over 30 different teams, each playing 82 games every regular season and representing some of the most skilled athletes and iconic product franchises in the world. The NBA also serves as a source of hope and inspiration for kids everywhere, from the streets and gyms of Los Angeles all the way to the five boroughs of New York City and beyond.

For up-to-the-minute news on Kelly’s NBA show announcements, along with his other voice appearances, visit him online. And to learn more about his career journey, read the story of Cayman’s life in the #1 Bestselling Amazon memoir, “From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream.” Follow Cayman Kelly on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

About Cayman Kelly: The National Voice of ESPN

Cayman Kelly is the widely recognized imaging voice for multiple radio stations, including POWER 105.1 in New York, hosting the “The Breakfast Club,” and a popular national show on SiriusXM’s Heart & Soul. Recently, Kelly was chosen as the featured voice for the SPLAT! “GAME PLAN” image library, and he continues to be the national voice for ESPN – the first African American to achieve that position – while also serving as the new imaging voice for the NHL and the NBA. Learn more about his life and work at:

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