The World’s First Hands-Free Toiletry Bag for Outdoor Adventurers

Traveland launches Astraveller, the clever, convenient, multi-function wash and toiletry bag designed for inconvenient moments…

LONDON, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Traveland team is hoping for big things from their first crowdfunding project. The London-based studio came up with the idea for Astraveller, the world’s first wearable toiletry bag in lockdown.

"The concept for Astraveller was a simple upgraded toiletry bag that’s designed to come with you on your adventures. We’re adventure traveller who understand the need to stay light, very organized and easy to access, especially when we are on the move. That’s why we created Astraveller." the designer, Traveland.

Imagine going camping, hiking, or backpacking outdoors? Imagine going to the truck stop on a motorcycling trip? Imagine washing in the tiny bathroom of an overnight flight?

How do get your toiletries organized with easy access? 

  • Have a hanging toiletry bag? But what if there is no hanger, or not within reach?
  • What if the place is dirty or messy? How can keep the stuff hygienic?

Surely, there’s a better solution for the more adventurous spirit.

Astraveller can transform in an instant to cope with any emergency in any environment. With the smart hidden waist and crotch straps, it can be worn or carried in many ways. Keep your toiletries essentials hygienically organized and always within reach.

The smart bag is made from durable waterproof nylon and features multiple zipped pockets each with a specific function in mind.

  • Semi-permeable waterproof pocket holds any bulky item – deodorant, makeup, etc, the flexible construction allows you to easily fit into your bag, separates neatly, and keeps items upright.
  • Zippered web pocket with easy-to-view grid holds other travel essentials such as mirrors, alcohol swabs, and more
  • Quick access magnetic pocket for toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, etc.

The team hope their interpretation of the humble wash bag will be a big hit with travelers now that the world is reopening for adventurers.

Astraveller is launching on Kickstarter and early adopters can grab a real bargain in the first days of the campaign. To find out more and to back the project:

Media Contact: Traveland Team 
Kelly Chan