Tornado Tee Named the Official Golf Tee of the World Long Drive

SANDY, Utah, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tornado Tee partners with World Long Drive (WLD) to name Tornado Tee the “Official Golf Tee of The World Long Drive.”

Many WLD competitors already use the Tornado Tee for competition including the 2023 World Long Drive Champions for all three divisions: Open, Women’s, and Senior’s. Tornado Tees will be available to all competitors to use during competition at their choice.

“We’re excited for this new partnership with the WLD, supporting the brand and the players with the highest performance tee in golf,” says Sharon Hartline, CEO and Co-Founder, Tornado Tee. “Everyone wants to hit the ball farther. The WLD is a natural fit to demonstrate the benefits and durability of the Tornado Tee.”

Made in the USA, the Tornado Tee is designed to maximize distance and consistency. The innovative and patented flexible crown absorbs the shock of a ball being struck without adding spin and allows the club to move freely through the tee.

With over 1,000 swings of durability from even the fastest players in the world, the Tornado Tee is an environmentally conscious choice compared to traditional wood tees.

“This collaboration between Tornado Tee and World Long Drive captures the shared commitment both organizations have to driving innovation, passion, and excellence in our sport. We are excited to introduce our professionals and fans to this game-improving technology.” said W. David Livingston, World Long Drive Chief Commercial Officer.

The Tornado Tee is both R&A and USGA conforming and certified for use in sanctioned tournament play.

About World Long Drive: 

The World Long Drive Championship is the largest annual domestic professional golf event not associated with the PGA of America, the PGA Tour, or the LPGA. It was first held in 1974, and since 2000 consisted of Open, Women’s, Seniors (over-45s), and Amateur events. The World Long Drive tour is comprised of nine events domestically and over 30 events internationally all culminating for the season finale World Long Drive Championship. World Long Drive tour and championship is owned and operated by GF Sports and Entertainment based out of New York, NY.  For more information visit

About Tornado Tee:

Tornado Tees are proudly made in the USA.  Tornado Tee was founded in 2009 by husband-and-wife team John and Sharon Hartline.  Tornado Tee is a woman-owned business in Sandy, Utah.  Inventor John Hartline with a degree in plastics engineering, oversees product development and manufacturing.  Sharon Hartline, formerly a product manager for 3M, runs the day-to-day. Tornado Tee is on a mission to change the way people think of golf tees. For more information visit

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