Vanta Leagues Partners with GAPPS to Bring Esports to Schools Across Georgia

BOSTON, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Vanta Leagues, the premier youth esports organization of the United States, announced their partnership with the Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools. This partnership will allow these organizations to work together to bring scholastic esports to high school and middle schools across the state of Georgia.

We are extremely excited to partner with GAPPS and introduce esports in high school and middle schools across Georgia," said James Roche, co-founder of Vanta. "Esports is an amazing way to engage students, foster growth, develop valuable life skills, and even open the door to college scholarships. We can’t wait to work with GAPPS and its member schools to build out their esports programs starting this fall and build sustainable esports programs for years to come. 

The Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools is a member organization of over 120 schools across the middle and high school levels in Georgia. They organize competitive leagues in traditional sports, fine arts, and academic competitions, and will be working with Vanta Leagues starting in the Fall to offer esports competitions as well. Working together, the two organizations will be able to provide accessible esports competition and development to students across the state of Georgia.

"Not all students can participate in contact sports, but all students can participate in esports. At GAPPS, we are always exploring interscholastic options for our schools and their students. This unique platform proves to be a safe way to join the gaming community, all while building engagement and healthy competition. It is no surprise that this is a rapidly growing area of entertainment – one that many of our youth are already taking part in. So why not join in? Regardless if it is football, volleyball, or esports, our goal is to provide opportunities for our youth. Our belief is that Vanta League offers the programs and training GAPPS is looking for. GAPPS is proud to partner with Vanta League and is sincerely appreciative of the opportunities they offer our students." – Greg Dickens GAPPS President.

Vanta Leagues will be offering participation in its leagues to GAPPS schools for free, with the option to take advantage of Vanta’s paid coaching offerings as well. Vanta Leagues also offers esports summer camps, on-demand coaching, and private coaching that schools and students can take advantage of.

The GAPPS Fall esports league will start on September 26, 2022. Pre-registration for the upcoming fall season is now open, and playoffs will be held the week of December 11th. If you are interested in participating, reach out to
 for more information. 

About Vanta Leagues
Vanta Leagues is a youth esports development platform that works with schools and community organizations to provide a kid-safe digital esports platform, competitive esports leagues, and expert coaching and holistic programming to kids ages 8-18. 

Vanta is on a mission to bring the power of esports to every home and eliminate the toxicity that is commonly present online by providing a safe environment and teaching the next generation of gamers how to become better gamer citizens. To learn more, visit, or visit them on Twitter at

GAPPS is the largest, private, interscholastic organization in Georgia with over 120 competing schools. Their mission is to unite Christian Schools, Independent Schools and Learning Centers in an environment where students can compete and be encouraged to grow. GAPPS member schools will work together to create a competitive athletic and academic setting in which members will strive to set an example of excellence. For more about GAPPS, visit their website at 

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