Wall Street Luxury Has Formed a Strategic Partnership With U-Boat Worx, World Leader in Advanced Private Submarines for the Sales and Marketing of NEMO Submersible Series

WESTPORT, Conn., Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — U-Boat Worx’s award-winning NEMO – the most compact and lightest submersible ever produced – is one of the most sophisticated pieces of underwater technology.

Bert Houtman – Founder and CEO of U-Boat Worx – states, "The NEMO submersible is the only series produced submersible in the world. This means that the NEMO is available at industry defining prices."

The NEMO submersible can be deployed from land, boat ramp, or yacht and requires less storage space than two jet-skis. They are available in 1 and 2 seat models which can be personalized with a choice of standard color, lights, and sonar options. Built to explore the deep sea in air-conditioned comfort, NEMO can safely dive up to 100 meters. Adventurers of all ages can explore hidden shipwrecks, search for new aquatic species, or simply enjoy a window onto the vibrant underwater marine environment.

Mark Adrian CEO of Wall Street Luxury said, "U- Boat Worx, sets the pace for the world’s finest submersibles. The NEMO will allow more people to explore the awe-inspiring undersea world. Bert is a true visionary, and we are excited to present this product to our hotel and resort, private residence, and yachting clients."

U-Boat Worx offers a certified training course at its own pilot training facility in Curaçao to any purchaser who orders a NEMO submersible.

About Wall Street Luxury
Wall Street Luxury delivers luxury sales and marketing solutions for luxury real estate, superyacht, private aviation, destination experiences, and luxury hotel resort development sectors and recently acquired the Hotel Property Team in London and launched Exclusive Frontiers. www.wallstreetluxury.com

About U -Boat Worx
Following a vision to create personal submarines that make access to the subsea readily available, Bert Houtman launched U -Boat Worx in 2005 in the Netherlands where it continues to have its design and manufacturing base. U-Boat Worx has grown year on year and evolved to become the largest builder of private submarines. www.uboatworx.com

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