WaterGuru Donates its AI Powered Smart Pool Technology to Houston Tennis Club After Chlorine Accident

Automated SENSE monitors scan and analyze pool water health for swimmer safety 24 x 7

HOUSTON, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  WaterGuru, the market leader in empowering residential swimming pool owners, property and resort management companies, country clubs and pool service firms with the ability to monitor pool water health for swimmer safety, today announced the donation of its SENSE Series 2 (S2) swimming pool/hot tub monitor to Houston’s private tennis and swim club, Club West Side. According to CNN, the club endured a pool chemical mismanagement situation last week that sent 12 of its members and guests to Houston hospitals complaining of difficulty breathing, skin rashes and more. In response, WaterGuru has donated S2s to help the club avoid that health threatening condition from ever reoccurring.

“We are pleased to donate our technology to help Houston’s Club West Side maintain the healthiest of pool water, ensuring the safety of their members,” said WaterGuru CMO Jeff Siegel. “Pool health safety is of the utmost importance and continuing to rely upon outdated century-old test methods is no longer justifiable when the technology now exists to ensure healthy pools at a fraction of the cost of using manual, error-prone methods.”

According to guidelines issued by the CDC for residential and public swimming pools, the chlorine level and pH of pool water should be tested at least twice per day, and more often than that during heavy use. A separate survey, however, which polled over 2,100 American adults, found that 23% of pool owners do not test their pool’s chlorine and pH more often than once every two weeks. In addition, most pool service companies typically only test once a week during on-site visits. With Sense S2, the in-pool testing is automated with the test results reported back to a pool health dashboard on a mobile phone as frequently as needed.

WaterGuru’s recently released SENSE S2 makes obsolete the labor-intensive and error-prone manual testing that was first invented a century ago, and provides more accurate data sent directly to the pool owner or pool care professional. How does it work? The SENSE S2 is a fully automated system with robotics residing invisibly in the pool’s skimmer, using advanced sensors to precisely analyze the chemical parameters of the pool or hot tub’s water. Water quality data is automatically sent to the WaterGuru cloud, which produces a digital twin of the water. The WaterGuru mobile app provides pool owners and managers with an analysis of the water’s chemistry, plus trends, graphs, and detailed advice on how to bring the water back into healthy chemical balance.

“As many of America’s estimated 17 million home swimming pool and hot tub owners know well, maintaining a pool or hot tub is not a simple task,” says WaterGuru CEO Paul Fulton. “After spending almost a decade in R&D and continually refining our system, the Series 2 is state of the art, and an essential product for pool owners to achieve control over the health of their pool. Hot tub owners have been asking for a SENSE solution since we launched the Series 1. They know a hot tub can turn unhealthy in a matter of hours without any noticeable change to the water’s appearance.”

The SENSE S2 is available for purchase now at WaterGuru.com for $325. With the money saved by using less chemicals and eliminating labor used for manual testing the SENSE S2 pays for itself quickly. Go to Waterguru.com to learn what pool owners have to say about pool care in the 21st century. For media inquiries, contact Reid Wegley at 206-963-4167, or by email at

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Based in Silicon Valley, WaterGuru is dedicated to alleviating the anxiety and pain swimming pool and hot tub owners experience in dealing with volatile water chemistry by providing automated tools combining robotics, optical sciences, chemistry, wireless connectivity, and AI to gain control over the health of the water in their swimming pool or hot tub. SENSE Series devices are currently installed in tens of thousands of American residential and commercial swimming pools, monitoring over 300 million gallons of swimming water.

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