What’s in a Name? Think Royalties: SQRDUP Returns with a Rare Opportunity for Golf Enthusiasts to Name Its New Innovative, Precise Laser Light Putting Alignment Training Aid Featuring Award-Winning Technology and Twice the Brightness

The winner of SQRDUP’s online contest to name its new upcoming product release will receive royalties for future sales of the company’s quick-to-set up, easy-to-use putting alignment tool that can even be seen in sunny outdoor conditions

BUFORD, Ga., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since its launch several years ago, the company, SQRDUP, (https://SQRDUP.com), and its innovative, precise award-winning signature product have quietly made a name for itself among golf enthusiasts by using laser technology to take the guesswork out of swing alignment.

How is SQRDUP looking to top its impressive debut?

SQRDUP is launching a new putting aid later this year and offering golf enthusiasts and the general public an intriguing opportunity to name the product in a campaign contest featured on its website, (#SQRDUPNEXTPRODUCT). The winner will not only receive the honor of naming the company’s new product but will also earn a $1 royalty for every SQRDUP next product sold up to $1 million. There’s a limit of five entries per email address and the company is taking entries until September 30. The SQRDUP naming committee will then select the top 10 entries to be featured on social media. The entry that receives the top votes will become the name of SQRDUP’s next product. 

"When I first thought of this contest, I had a friend tell me I was nuts for paying out that kind of money," said Randy Bowman, SQRDUP co-founder and CEO. "I explained that having a great name for our product is as important as having a great product. And if we only sell 10 units then we can afford the $10 in royalty. If we sell a million, well then again, we can afford it. How cool would it be to help someone financially who decided to submit a name? It’s a win-win situation for both of us."

The company’s ultra-bright laser beam alignment aid is quick to set up and easy to use to help golfers visualize precise putting alignment.

SQRDUP’s first product release has received Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for Best Training Aids three years in a row and currently sells in over 30 countries.

"From a brightness standpoint to the simplicity of use, there is nothing on the market which comes close to this product," Bowman said. "Our new product uses the brightest wavelength in the laser golf alignment market and will be engineered with what I call overlay laser technology. We will double the brightness of our beams by using two lasers per beam. Our engineers will determine the precise laser angle, fan angle, focal point, etc. to achieve laser beams which are visible in direct sunlight."

Benefits and features of the upcoming new SQRDUP product include:

  • twice the brightness
  • reads greens better
  • identifies correct break of putts
  • reads the speed of putts to high point
  • gets the ball rolling on the correct line
  • visualizes the path

With its new product, SQRDUP seeks to solve a long-time problem of laser alignment aids being difficult to see outdoors during the day, particularly in direct sunlight.

Delivery of the SQRDUP’s next product is scheduled for December 2022 and it will cost $299.


SQRDUP, (https://sqrdup.com), creates an award-winning golf aid that uses ultra-bright laser beams to provide golfers with accurate swing alignment.

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