Who’s The Best Basketball Handicapper? BASports.com According to New York Times-Owned Website About.com

WAUCHULA, Fla., Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The most exciting part of the college hoop regular season is here: conference play! Dr. Bob Akmens and his BASports.com have 80 #1-finishes in different national handicapping contest categories in NCAA & Pro Basketball, far more than anyone else.

BASports.com had perhaps the greatest year a sports handicapper ever had. They ended up #1 of 201 other sports services at the Las Vegas SportsWatch Monitor in most net profit won, in all picks, in all sports.  They also had an astounding 42% more profit than the second-place service. 

Most such competitive contests produce narrow 1-2% winning margins. Nothing like BASports.com’s victory margin of +42% more net profit won had ever been done by anyone else in the sports handicapping industry.

About.com (owned by The New York Times) has called Dr. Bob Akmens & his BASports.com the best sports handicapper in the world: "no other handicapper can match Akmens in terms of winning."

The search engines all agree that Bob Akmens is the best sports handicapper around. When one Google’s "who is the best sports handicapper in the world?" BASports.com is ranked #1 out of millions of hits.  Bing also comes up with millions of hits…and also ranks BASports.com #1.

As the exciting NCAA Basketball season enters 2022, Bob Akmens Sports (BASports.com) proudly announces they are also currently ranked #1 in the nation in NFL Football Top-Plays at The Sports Monitor. 

So, it’s not surprising when one Google’s "Who’s the best football handicapper?" that BASports.com comes up as the first-named sports service.

The 80 #1-finishes BASports.com has in national basketball contests are just a small fraction of their 361 #1-finishes in all national contests in all sports – a world record.

BASports.com has produced the best NCAA & NBA Basketball handicapping results over the years through the use of algorithmic computer models which analyze thousands of patterns and trends of teams, coaches and players.

As the NCAA & NBA Basketball seasons kick into high gear in 2022, BASports.com offers their award-winning Basketball service in many different basketball handicapping packages.

Across the wide spectrum of sports, BASports.com has only one goal: to maximize the profit of their clients.  

BASports.com has also been a superb football handicapper. For the combined college football and NFL seasons in 2012-13, BASports.com had 72.16% winners in the toughest contest of all, the Combination Football Contest of The Sports Monitor.  125 services participated.  BASports.com came out with 72.16%, 9% better than service #2.  That was the biggest margin of victory ever in 27 years of any contest run by The Sports Monitor. BASports.com became the very first service to ever finish a football season with over 70% wins in both college & NFL football. No one else has ever done this.

And Dr. Bob Akmens keeps propelling his team to the top as BASports has won the last 3 of the last 4 NFL Exhibition Contests in Las Vegas.

About.com summed up BASports.com very well when they said, "you truly do get what you pay for…plus more," and that "I can count on one hand the number of services that I would give a positive recommendation about to a fellow sports bettor.  Bob Akmens Sports would certainly be included in that group."

BASports.com has every reason to believe this will be their most profitable NCAA & NBA Basketball seasons ever.  We invite every basketball bettor to come along and experience the thrill of winning and the prospect of large profits.


Dr. Bob Akmens




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