XL Sports Adds Facility Development Consultancy to Portfolio

XL Sports announces a Consultancy division to assist with researching, budgeting, fundraising, and management of current and future facilities.

ORLANDO, Fla., April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XL Sports is excited to announce the addition of its newest business division, XL Sports Consultancy. XL has been in the sports facility industry for over 20 years and has successfully launched 12 facilities of its own across the country. Now, XL Sports and its team of industry experts look to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with clients looking to find success in a thriving sports tourism industry, or simply promote athletics in their community.

Ciaran McArdle, CEO and Founder of XL Sports, stated, “XL Sports Consultancy has been in the trenches of sports facility development for over 20 years. From the design phase, all the way through to funding and opening the doors, XL has done it all and is now sharing this wealth of knowledge and experience with future facility owners and operators. No one else in this space has put their own investment into developing facilities while living and breathing the daily challenges that this brings.”

XL Sports Consultancy prides itself on guiding clients through the process, from start to finish. So whether you have a clear-cut plan, or don’t know where to start, XL is the perfect option for people of all degrees of expertise, and in any stage of the vision process.

XL Sports Consultancy goes beyond just planning and construction. Their services now include conducting in-depth market research, providing financing options, and keeping projects within budget – all while staying on schedule. XL’s team of problem-solvers helps clients breeze through any obstacles in the development process so they can find success upon opening their facilities, and for many years to come.

Based in Orlando, FL, XL Sports is a sports facilities development company that operates throughout the East Coast. They boast a large catalog of climate-controlled indoor and outdoor facilities, providing a first class environment for athletes and of all skill levels to compete year-round. To learn more about how XL Sports Consultancy can bring your facility dreams to life, click here.

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