YSMART Launches MQ3X: The Latest Innovation in the Acclaimed Pop-to-Light Flashlight Series, Built on the Success of Six Generations with Over 15,000 Backers

LONDON, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, YSMART is proud to announce the release of the MQ3X Flashlight, the newest addition to its highly successful pop-to-light flashlight series. Already a favorite on Kickstarter, this seventh-generation flashlight not only reached but exceeded its funding goal within the first hour, demonstrating strong continued support from over 15,000 backers from previous campaigns.

The MQ3X is engineered for those who demand instant solutions in the dark, equipped with cutting-edge features like the magnetic quick-release and ‘Pop-to-Light’ technology, which allows for immediate illumination with a single pull. “The MQ3X builds on the proven success of its predecessors by offering enhanced features that integrate seamlessly into daily life, whether in urban settings or rugged environments,” stated Frank Liu, founder of YSMART.

Outstanding Features of the MQ3X:

  • Instant Pop-to-Light Technology: Never be caught fumbling in the dark. The MQ3X offers a revolutionary ‘Pop-to-Light’ feature. Simply detach it from its base, and instant light is at one’s fingertips. Designed for speed and convenience, the magnetic quick-release mechanism ensures powerful illumination is available the moment it is needed, without struggling with twist mechanisms or buttons.
  • Magnetic Quick-Release Base: Secure the MQ3X with confidence. Its robust magnetic base allows for easy attachment to any ferrous metal surface, providing stability and hands-free lighting capabilities. Whether making repairs, embarking on nighttime adventures, or when both hands are needed, the MQ3X remains firmly in place, enhancing its utility beyond traditional flashlights.
  • Fast Charging Capability: The MQ3X charges as quickly as it illuminates. Equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, it powers up rapidly, minimizing downtime and maximizing usability. This fast charging feature ensures the flashlight is ready to perform whenever needed, making it a reliable tool for everyday carry.
  • Robust Material Options: Available in durable brass or premium titanium, tailored for toughness and designed to endure.
  • Customizable LED Settings: Features three selectable LED colors—brilliant white for clarity, red for night vision, and UV for detection purposes, adaptable to various needs.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Fits comfortably on a keychain and provides robust lighting that belies its small size.

“Following the overwhelming response we’ve received, it’s clear that the MQ3X is not just a flashlight; it’s a vital tool for modern life,” Frank Liu added. The campaign’s success highlights the trust and satisfaction our backers have in YSMART products, and we’re excited to continue this journey with them.

The MQ3X is currently available for backing on Kickstarter, where early supporters can take advantage of special pricing and exclusive editions. To learn more or support the campaign, visit the MQ3X Kickstarter page at http://kck.st/45DtOsH.

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