Zalaski Named Managing Director of ISBI Virtual Sales Network

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ISBI 360 Virtual Sales Network, the on-demand sales talent provider for the sports and entertainment industry, has named Brett Zalaski Managing Director and Partner of ISBI 360, effective immediately. 

In a related move, ISBI 360 LLC, the micro-learning training entity that furthers the careers of sports and entertainment executives, has acquired the ISBI Virtual Sales Network and brought it under its corporate structure, bringing training, sales and recruitment expertise under one roof.

“We’re thrilled to have someone of Brett’s talent and depth of experience in the role of Managing Director of this fast-growing part of our business,” said Doug Quinn, CEO of ISBI 360 LLC.  “Many teams simply don’t have the ability to hire full-time reps right now but have seats they need to sell.  Our “Rent-a-Rep” model is helping them bridge that gap and move tickets in a very cost-effective way, and under Brett’s direction, the ISBI Virtual Sales Network has grown to include multiple pro sports teams.”

Current ISBI VSN clients include Sporting Kansas City of MLS, OKC Energy FC and Oakland Roots of the USL, and the newly rebranded Kansas City Monarchs of Minor League Baseball. 

Zalaski is a 15-year veteran of the sports industry, both as an independent sales trainer and in senior leadership positions within several MLS clubs including the Columbus Crew and Houston Dynamo.  He was the first Executive Director of the MLS National Sales Center in Blaine, MN, and pioneered the concept of dedicated sales training to a select group of people to be deployed into MLS clubs.   

When COVID-19 hit in March, ISBI 360 re-deployed their training assets to help displaced ticket sales reps remain engaged.  These reps participate in ISBI VSN Training and are placed with individual teams to sell their ticket inventory virtually.  Once these Reps complete their initial 90-day engagements, the teams can choose to hire them to full-time positions.

“We’re well aware of the importance of diversity in hiring,” added Quinn, “and our virtual model is able to attract the diverse profile of candidates that represent our country and that teams are most interested in hiring.”

Jordan Kelsey, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service for Sporting Kansas City, was one of the first to hire the group to sell tickets for their MLS team.  “We recognized the opportunity to add experienced and well-trained associates during an important time for our club as we sell tickets for a highly-anticipated 2021 season.  We’re already seeing the benefits from this partnership and we’re looking forward to working with ISBI 360 to continue to enhance our sales staff.” 

Reps are paired one-to-one with a team, and ISBI 360 has developed partnerships with cutting-edge tools like OneMob to help them sell more effectively from their home offices.  To date, the company has hired and trained over 60 displaced sales reps, all of whom have solid industry experience, with plans to scale into the hundreds in the next 60 to 90 days. 

“The pandemic has proven that ‘work-from-home’ CAN work,” said Zalaski. “Our model allows for talented reps to stay active, get some great training, continue to do what they do best, earn some money, and gain some valuable exposure to teams that can potentially hire them on full-time. Our goal from the start, was to get people back to work in the industry they so love, whether it is ultimately in a full-time position with a team or with ISBI 360 as Virtual Sales Reps.”

About ISBI Virtual Sales Network
ISBI stands for Inspiration Sports Business Institute, and The ISBI Virtual Sales Network provides best-in-class sales reps on a virtual basis to teams in need of an on-demand solution to sales department staffing.  Based in the Kansas City suburbs, its unique structure allows teams the opportunity to scale up their sales effort on short notice without the expense, frustration and uncertainties of hiring full-time staff. 

VSN reps are recruited from across the country, with particular emphasis on those with a background in sports and entertainment that have been let go due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These quality reps are trained using the ISBI 360 Virtual Training Network and are given world-class tools to use as they work from home, selling seat inventory for teams in need of short-term sales talent.   Teams realize an average cost savings of 40% vs. traditional in-house sales reps. 

These reps earn commission and receive valuable one-on-one exposure to hiring managers of the teams, who are able to listen in to each rep’s phone calls, monitor their performance, and can choose to hire them full-time after 90 days if they like what they hear.   It’s a very low-risk option for teams in need of sales in a time of uncertainty and change.    

Ken Marinelli, Marketing Director

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