Zombie Muay Thai Hosts ONE Championship Fighters Superbon + Petchtanong Seminar

Muay Thai Gym that Inspires Members to ‘Train With The Experts.’

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zombie Muay Thai announced its official opening steps from Union Square in New York City late August 2022. The gym is an all levels striking academy with a mission to educate, strengthen, and empower though Muay Thai. Founded by Pro-Fighter John Piña and Bernard Hunt, classes focus on elite striking techniques and conditioning regiments used by the pros. John founded Zombie Muay Thai to share his life-long passion for martial arts and his professional fight career experience in order to transform and uplift the new york city kickboxing and fitness community. 

On February 1st, Zombie Muay Thai hosted its debut Muay Thai seminar with fighters Superbon + Petchtanong as they made their way from Bangkok, Thailand to the USA. “Our community was thrilled to train with top-ranked Muay Thai fighters Superbon and Petchtanong in a seminar that brought us together through hard work and love of the sport.” –John Piña, Head Trainer / Founder.

Superbon and Petchtanong led a packed house of Muay Thai enthusiasts through their practical warm up focused on breaking down each technique followed by real-world striking combinations. Participants partnered to drill flying knees, razor elbow entries, and super charged kicks while guided in a fun and inclusive approach by Superbon and Petchtanong.

Committed to bringing top talent to its members, Zombie Muay Thai’s next seminar will feature an All-Women’s Sparring Event let by pro-fighter and Zombie Muay Thai trainer Amy Duke on February 12th. This event will focus on expert techniques used by women in Muay Thai during a two-hour seminar geared towards community building and technical sparring. 

Outside of expert-led seminars, the Zombie classes focus on three training stages: Technique & Conditioning, Pads & Drills, and Technical Sparring & Clinch. All classes are designed to give everyone regardless of fitness level a great workout in a positive and motivating environment focused on personal growth. In addition to classes, private training is offered by the Zombie staff of professional fighters. 

“At Zombie Muay Thai we believe in hard work fostered in a positive and uplifting community of clients and trainers who push, support, and respect each other. No matter your skill level, we are here to guide you towards your personal best whether that’s meeting a fitness goal or professionally competing. Zombie Muay Thai represents the highest standards in Muay Thai from technique to trainer responsibility.” – Bernard Hunt, Founder 

The gym is located in Greenwich Village, with daily morning, noon, and evening classes. Those interested in checking out the gym, please visit www.zombiemuaythai.com follow us on Instagram @zombiemuaythai, call at 646.767.0377, or come see us in person.

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